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Learn the Secrets of How to Balance
Family Life and Home Business

Wouldn’t You Like to Move Past the Juggling Act and
Stop Feeling Overwhelmed?

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Does your home business take too much time away from your family?

Work from home

Does your family sometimes get in the way of your home business?

Work from home

Is it a struggle to discern what should have your attention and energy at any
one time?

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Are you ever so busy that you forget to eat and sleep?

Work from home

Are you ever paralyzed by such a long to-do list that you don’t know where to start?

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Do you drag through the day exhausted, thinking only of how much longer it is before you can finally collapse into bed . . . just to get up and start all over the next day?

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Is your life so dominated by the urgent that you never get to the important?

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Do you ever wonder what good it does to be working at home if you’re too busy to spend time with your children?

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Do you have trouble setting priorities and staying motivated?

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Do you ever feel like you could finally “get it all done” . . . if you could just get past that
24-hours-in-a-day barrier?


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Mary Jo Tate
Time Management Coach

From: Mary Jo Tate
RE:   “How Do You Do It All?” Balancing Family Life and Home Business in the Real World

Working from home while bringing up a family can often seem like an overwhelming task—better suited to Supermom than ordinary mortals.

As a single mom with four energetic sons . . . whom I’m homeschooling . . . while growing my profitable home business as a writer, editor, and book coach, I’ve battled with all those challenges.

People are constantly asking me, “How do you do it all?”

Well, I’m not Supermom (who wants to wear a cape anyway?), but I have developed powerful strategies that cut through the chaos and get results.

“Mary Jo has personally developed tremendous self-discipline and time management systems to set and achieve entrepreneurial goals in life circumstances that have caused many to simply throw up their hands and throw in the towel.

If you’re tired of treating your dreams like a hobby, get serious and learn from Mary Jo!

Patti Thompson
Alcoa, Tennessee

If you’re a home-based entrepreneur—especially if you have children at home—you’re obviously deeply committed to the lifestyle you’ve chosen, and I commend you for your dedication and perseverance.

Still, it can be a struggle to meet all the demands of your daily life. That’s why I decided to share my system for success.

“By directing my attention to acceptance of that which doesn’t match up to my ideal, Mary Jo Tate liberated me to pour my energies into being a woman of motion, rather than being paralyzed by my list of what ‘should be’ but wasn’t. No longer do I have my eyes on the disappointments of what I’m not doing; instead, I can now focus on the potential opportunities of what could be done.

Mary Jo didn’t cut me any slack, all the while operating in kindness and with a mother’s heart. She attacked my belief that I should be able to ‘do it all’ with a ferocity given only to a woman who has been beaten up by that lie herself. She focused her super-woman laser eyes on the issues in my life and took them on!”

Dawn Clark
Bremen, Indiana

Now you too can learn my best strategies in a self-paced course:

How Do You Do It All? Proven Strategies for Balancing Family and Home Business in the Real World by Mary Jo Tate

“How Do You Do It All?”
Proven Strategies for Balancing
Family Life and Home Business
in the Real World

This downloadable course includes:

  • 5 information-packed teleseminar sessions (7 hours of audio!)
  • Enhanced transcripts of every session to supplement your personal notes
  • Big Dream Brainstorming Guide
  • Strategic Guide to Annual Review and Goal Planning
  • Annual Review Form
  • Annual Goal-Planning Form
  • Weekly Planner for Balancing Personal Life, Family, and Business


The entire course is downloadable,
so you can get started right away.


Here’s just a glimpse of what this course covers:

  • Finding peace in the space between the ideal and reality
  • Setting goals—when, why, and how
  • Why the juggling act inevitably leads to dropping the ball
  • When to compromise, and how to know when you must not
  • Avoiding a crisis-management approach to daily life
  • Essential tools to simplify your life
  • “To-do” lists and “Not-to-do” lists
  • How to decide what to delegate or outsource
  • Finding a balance you can live with
  • When to multi-task and when to focus
  • Finding one-on-one time with your children
  • Schedules, routines, and flexibility
  • Training independent, responsible children
  • Your calling versus opportunity
  • Why a “planned neglect rotation cycle” isn’t a long-term solution
  • Handling hindrances to getting your work done
  • Good pressure versus bad pressure
  • Avoiding wasted time while still taking time to smell the roses
  • Balancing self-discipline with self-care
  • Working with children in the house
  • What to do on a “monkey bread day”—when everyone wants a piece of you
  • Entrepreneurial principles for growing your business
  • And much more!

Implementing the principles and techniques that I teach can maximize your productivity and have a profound impact on your personal life, family, and business. It's impossible to predict "generally expected results" because each person's situation varies, but you can read below what some of my students have experienced. Your own results will be dependent not only on your own unique circumstances, but also on your personal implementation of what you learn in this course. Everyone's results will be different.

“Wow—I just thought I was organized! I am working at home with my homeschool family, and we are building several businesses to replace our current stream of income. Mary Jo’s course showed me how to evaluate what I do each day by keeping track of my time. I was able to identify roadblocks that were preventing us from going forward by being specific with how I set up my day, week, month and year. I realized real quick I was putting way toooo much on my plate each day and by the end of the day I was so frustrated I felt like a real failure. I worked in the corporate world for 14 years. ‘How Do You Do It All’ helped me to combine the working world and family life and find a balance between the two lifestyles.

Mary Jo is a real pioneer in this arena. It hurt to realize I could not do it all, but at the same time I have a lot more peace at the end of each day and I have a measurable way to see if I am truly progressing. My family says ‘Amen” because Mom is staying CALM. As a result of this class I took, our family has gotten into the routine of scheduling family ‘pow wows.’ My family is big into hunting, and we have show dogs we show in the AKC dog shows. We sit down as a family once or twice a month and plan out 2-3 months ahead so we can fit all of this into our busy schedule as well as build our new businesses. We were truly amazed when we sat down and reviewed the year and saw what we had accomplished by using Mary Jo’s guidelines we learned in just 3 months’ time. We are already scheduling out next year and can’t wait to be able to get everything done we set out to do.

If you want to be with your family and build a business or have a better organized family, you cannot afford NOT to take this course!"

Coleen Merk

Dallas, Texas

“As you know, when I took the class my husband had just left us. I was still in panic/crisis mode. One of the biggest things I learned from you was to stop and focus on my goals and set daily/weekly/monthly/yearly goals as well as lifelong dreams.

“Shortly after the class ended I was put on partial bed rest due to pregnancy complications with baby #4. However, by using your time management and goal setting techniques I have still been able to homeschool my children, prepare meals, maintain the house and handle minor repairs, research niches and start writing again, care for my handicapped mother, and tend to my own needs, and I will soon have my first website up.

The kids have noticed a huge change in me as well. They are no longer interrupting when I am on the phone, they have become more self-sufficient (only 1 pink sock since they took over the laundry!), and they are learning more about family unity. Everyone helps rather than Mom doing it all, and their confidence has grown so much since this started.

“In the end I did not reach all of my goals for the year, but I achieved some very large ones and progressed close to others. I know that next year will be the best yet in achieving my goals and reaching my dreams.


How will your life, family, and business benefit from the principles you learn and implement? What goals will you achieve and what dreams will you reach? I'm eager to hear YOUR story!

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How Do You Do It All? Proven Strategies for
Balancing Family and Home Business in the Real World

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It’s a tremendous blessing to be able to provide for my family while living my dream of being at home and homeschooling my four sons . . . even with the challenges of single parenthood. If I can do it, you can live your dream too!


Mary Jo Tate

Mary Jo’s class has given me a whole new mindset; it has helped me to live more proactively. That alone was worth taking the class. I feel more in control now, and I’m able to work out the details much more easily than before. I’m no longer as apt to drop the ball of planning ahead and working my plan now that I have the tools she has provided.

“While the class helped me with a new outlook, it also helped me with the nitty-gritty details. Before, I had good intentions and good plans, but they would often be derailed by life. Mary Jo’s practical teaching takes real life into consideration—interruptions, dirty dishes, and all! She leaves no stone unturned by teaching principles that can be applied to any situation.”

Joy Constant
Alexandria, Louisiana

“Being available for my family brings me the greatest satisfaction in my daily life. Mary Jo taught me to put ‘family time appointments’ on the calendar. This way the important time with family isn’t put off for a ‘better time’ that never comes. Plus, since it’s on the calendar, we are free to enjoy ourselves. There is no small voice badgering me to ‘get on with real work’

“Using this strategy, my husband and I took a day-trip to a place we’ve wanted to see for years. We put it on the calendar, arranged to be off from work, and had a WONDERFUL day! Now we can’t figure out why we waited so long!"

Cathy Spain
Canyon Lake, Texas

“Mary Jo’s program, ‘How Do You Do It All,’ was a great boost to my personal and business organization. Her down-to-earth and sensible advice is grounded in the fact that she lives it herself. It isn’t just some theory based on principle which sounds really good but doesn’t work in real life. Keeping the personal, family, and business part of our lives running smoothly can be complicated, but Mary Jo simplified it for me in many ways.

“One thing I learned was that keeping track of time is crucial for running a home business effectively. Oh, how I rebelled! But I finally saw the wisdom in it not only for effectiveness but also should I ever be in a position to bill for my hours. I feel more confident now. Thanks, Mary Jo, for making this available.”

Karen Skoog
Spokane, Washington

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